Medical Benefits

The PPAO Medical Benefits Plan

Your membership in the PPAO lets you enrol yourself and your family for comprehensive and competitively priced Extended Health Care Insurance.

EHC coverage helps cover a number of important medical expenses that may not be paid by provincial health plans, helping you manage the cost of maintaining good health and allowing you to be worry free and enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

You have 2 plans to choose from:

View a breakdown of what each plan covers.

Coverage for you and your family

You're not the only one eligible for coverage! You can add your spouse1 and/or dependent children2 to your Extended Health Care Insurance for Retirees plan. Your spouse could apply for coverage even if you don't.


enrol without providing proof of good health

enrol with proof of good health

Proof of good health will be required and applies to you and your spouse when enroling after the 60-day enrolment period or when you're applying without prior group coverage.

1 Spouse means your spouse by marriage or a person of the same or opposite sex with whom you have been cohabiting for at least one year and who is represented publicly as your spouse.

2 Dependent children means your children and your spouse's children (other than foster children) who are not married or in any other formal union recognized by law, and are under age 19. If your child is a full-time student attending an educational institution recognized under the Income Tax Act (Canada), they are considered an eligible dependent until the age of 25 (age of 26 for employees residing in Quebec) as long as the child is entirely dependent on you for financial support.

3 Spouses of PPAO retired members who are covered by a health benefit plan and as a result of an age termination clause in their group sponsored program may enrol in the PPAO Sun Life plan within 60 days of their health benefits coverage ending without the requirement to provide proof of good health.

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